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Residential Metal Market Share Jumps to 14% in North America

New Data from the Metal Roofing Alliance

As consumer demand for sustainable building products continues to grow, the Metal Roofing Alliance  reports another market share gain for metal in the residential retrofit market. New independent research conducted by Dodge Data & Analytics on behalf of the MRA shows the total market share of metal roofing gained another 3 points in 2016, growing from 11% market share in 2015 to 14% in 2016.  Between 2015 and 2016, the total demand for metal roofing increased from 17.7 million squares to 19.4 million squares.  Metal roofing is second only to asphalt shingle roofing in the remodeling market.  

In 1998, when the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) began educating homeowners with a national consumer awareness campaign, metal roofing market share was just 3.7% of the consumer re-roofing market.  “MRA members’ commitment to growing the industry through ongoing focus and effort has clearly made a big difference.  This latest surge brings us closer to hitting our goal of having metal comprise 20% of the residential roofing market by 2020,” states MRA President Dick Bus.   “We believe our success in growing the residential market can be attributed to our consistent effort to educate both homeowners and roofing contractors about the many benefits of residential metal roofing.”

Survey Data

Dodge Data & Analytics performed an analysis designed to estimate the size of the U.S. new construction and repair and remodeling markets for metal roofing.  The study reviewed a variety of metal roofing products, including: vertical ribbed panels, shingles, shakes, copper, tiles and slate panels.  The study examined metal roofing activity across nine U.S. Census regions.  Key findings include:

  • The metal roofing market share in the remodeling market has increased in six of the nine Census regions, with gains ranging between 2 to 9 points.  The Pacific, East South Central and Mid Atlantic regions show advances in metal roofing greater than 6 points.
  • The region with the largest market share is the East South Central region (Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee) with 30% of homes being re-roofed with metal.
  • In the New England region (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and New England) data reveals that metal roofing increased 3 points to 12% market share.
  • The East North Central region (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin), data shows metal roofing increasing 4 points to 13% market share.
  • Asphalt had a 64% market share in 2015 and it is now just 59% in 2016.
  • Twenty-nine percent of homeowners reported that they selected metal roofing because it was attractive, while 20% reported metal roofing to be a good investment that added value to their homes.  Longevity (18%) and strength and protection (17%) were also attributes cited for choosing metal.
  • Standing seam metal roofing is most popular in the East South Central (Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee) at 96%.  In the Pacific region (California, Oregon, Washington), and the Mountain region (Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming), shingle shake tile is the most popular metal roof choice for homes.

“Membership commitment to the MRA has been instrumental to our success.  We invite more manufacturers to join us and enjoy the growth our efforts have produced.  To think that we have areas in the U.S. that now boast 30% metal re-roof market share is very exciting and tells us that what we’re doing is working,” states Renee Ramey, Executive Director of the MRA.

The Metal Roofing Alliance is a nonprofit association dedicated to educating consumers and roofing contractors to the many benefits of residential metal roofing.  For more information, please visit www.metalroofing.com.

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Why Install Aluminum Roof Systems on Homes?

Aluminum is everywhere—literally. The most abundant, naturally occurring metal in the earth’s crust, aluminum is an essential element of modern life. Worldwide, virtually every person uses aluminum daily. So, how does aluminum work as a base metal for residential roofing?

Before we answer that question, let’s take a look at where aluminum is already used extensively in today’s home construction and remodeling markets.  High end wood windows are clad in aluminum.  Aluminum siding is making a comeback with the superior paint finishes now available. Gutters and downspouts are mostly aluminum, as is the flashing used by the asphalt roofing industry.  So, many products used on a home’s exterior are aluminum.

In fact, the anti-corrosion properties of aluminum also make it an ideal choice for roofing applications. Many of the members of the Metal Roofing Alliance make roof panels out of aluminum.  In addition, aluminum is the primary element in Galvalume® that is used to coat and protect steel roofing panels.

ATAS Advanta MEtal roof

In North America, most aluminum used in roofing is painted to appeal to a wide range of homeowner preferences.  The aluminum coils are painted at a coil coating plant using high-speed paint lines that bake on the coating.  The painted coil is then shipped to a roofing manufacturer where it is formed into long panels by a process called rollforming, or the coils can be stamped into individual metal shingles using large presses.

metal sales roof

Contractors find that working with aluminum is easier than with other materials because it is lighter per square foot that any other type of roofing.  Aluminum roofing panels are easier to handle and to cut. And, there are no concerns that a scratch on an aluminum roofing panel will red rust because of the unique properties of aluminum.

In addition to aluminum roofing’s rainbow of color options that appeal to homeowners, properly coated aluminum roofs can reflect up to 95 percent of the solar energy that strikes them, dramatically improving energy efficiency.  And, in coastal areas, aluminum roofing is the preferred choice for homes battling the salty sea air.  All types of metal roofing are extremely durable, offering warranties of up to 50 years.

To learn more about the variety of aluminum roofing systems available for residential applications, visit the Manufacturer Section of the MRA website.





Tax Credit Marketing Resources for MRA members

The new $500 Tax credit for metal roofing installations creates a great opportunity to expand metal’s residential market share.  And that’s what the Metal Roofing Alliance is all about!  To help our members to take advantage of this new program, the MRA recently launched several new tools on our website.  

Tax Credit

The biggest change you’ll notice is that the tax credit message is prominently featured on the MRA’s website homepage.  We want all the homeowners who visit our site to immediately see this information, and encourage our members to make similar changes to their residential websites.  To make that easier, we’ve created a graphic for use by MRA member manufacturers and contractors.   You can find several sizes of the graphic below by logging into your member dashboard.  

$500 Tax Credit

Feel free to download and use this graphic on your website, printed materials and in social media efforts.  It’s important that we continue to focus on the quality, investment grade roofing message, and this graphic does just that.

The MRA website has a tax credit section that we’ll be directing homeowners to visit to find all the information they need about the program.  It includes links to MRA members’ Manufacturer Certification Statements.  Our web team will keep this list up to date as new statements are posted.  Please email support@metalroofing.com with any new links.

The MRA’s public relations team has  created a template press release about the tax credit that our members can customize and use to promote the tax credit.  It includes a space to include product-specific information as well as your contact details.  Feel free to share it with your MRA member contractors, too.  You’ll find the Word and Google Doc versions of the release on your member dashboard.

Any questions about how to make the most of the $500 tax credit?  Contact the MRA public relations team (jean@metalroofing or marybeth@metalroofing)– they’re heading up our tax credit communications effort.