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Handling The Holidays

This time of year doesn’t have to be a loss for your business. Make sure to follow these five tips for maximizing your business during the holiday season.

Set More Daytime Appointments

With the holiday season nearing, more homeowners are at their homes during the day and not at work. This makes it easier for you to meet with them during the day. Now is a great time to reach out to old leads that you may not have heard from or spoken to in the past 8-12 months, or those that were never able to meet during the day. See if they can set up appointments a week before Christmas through New Year’s.

Team Training

While it’s true that business may slow down during the holidays, your team should not. Keep your crew busy with the latest in training and continuing education courses. The easiest way to do so is right here. The leaders of the Metal Roofing Alliance created and launched the MRA Online University, a one-stop on-demand portal for contractors and manufacturers to learn many aspects of the metal roofing business. Best of all, it’s included as a benefit for all MRA members-free of charge.

Marketing Planning

Map out your marketing plan for the coming year by reviewing what you did the past year, what drove the most leads, and what ultimately provided the greatest return on ad spend. If you don’t have those stats, then this is also a good time to map out how you can put those measurements in place for 2018. Even if you don’t have the hard numbers, you should have a sense of what drove the most business for you.

Equipment Maintenance and Adding New Equipment

Be proactive with your equipment and building maintenance. As they say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” There is no better time than the slow winter months to make sure vehicles, tools, inventory and buildings are in top shape. When that sun comes out, it’s time to get on the roof.

In addition to a full performance check on the equipment your team already has, winter is a great time to research and purchase new roofing tools. There are other tools besides your shears and screw gun. How about getting a nice DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera and learning how to shoot semi-professional project shots? There are plenty of walkthroughs and tutorials on the internet that can help you expertly capture your work for social media and marketing.

Go After Referral Business

Put your crew to work going out and doing routine inspections and maintenance of past customers homes, making sure to let the neighborhood know they are there. Company truck, yard signs and fliers to canvas the surrounding homes are great ways to do this. Let the neighborhood know about the metal roof your company installed, but that you also check in to ensure your customers are happy and beyond satisfied with their roof. If you get permission from the homeowner, you could even include the home in your marketing materials.


Metal Roofing Alliance Launches Facebook Marketing Test

Although it may not be as visible as the Metal Roofing Alliance‘s television advertising or public relations articles, online marketing is an important component of the organization’s overall consumer outreach strategy. As a potential customer is already online when they encounter these MRA marketing messages, they’re just a click away from the metal roofing website (www.metalroofing.com), where they can do more research.

My New Metal Roof Metal Roofing Alliance Roofing Visualizer

Once on the MRA site, a homeowner can explore the photo gallery, utilize the “My New Metal Roof” tool to visualize their home with a metal roof, or find a local contractor.   Research shows that 97% of consumers will conduct online research of local businesses prior to making a major purchase, so having a strong online campaign is a must.

MRA uses several online marketing channels, including search engine marketing in Google and Bing, pre-roll video and display advertising which influence over half of the consumer leads generated on MetalRoofing.com.

Recently, MRA added a new player to the mix with a test of a Facebook advertising campaign.  This is an attractive option for MRA, as Facebook’s targeting options for reaching the right audience allow us to focus our marketing dollars on those that have the highest likelihood of putting a metal roof on their home, helping to further drive down the cost per engagement. While the test is still ongoing, the early results are promising.

Metal Roofing - From shake to shingles, see any style on your home...

Currently, MRA is testing three different “Calls to Action”, including the “My New Metal Roof” visualizer tool, a “Learn More” message, and find a contractor.  The most popular call to action in terms of generating engagement has been the visualizer tool, telling us that people are interested in seeing their home with a metal roof.  Our research shows that 75% of homeowners like and understand the many benefits of metal roofing, but feel it’s “not right for their home.” This is an excellent tool to show them otherwise. Homeowners who create an account to save their visualizations can opt-in to receive the MRA’s Consumer eNewsletter.

Metal Roofing - Get an estimate for metal roofing from a local...

Although the Find a Contractor message has been the least engaging in terms of overall performance, these are the most valuable leads that we’re generating for our members. These are high-quality leads, largely homeowners actively looking for a metal roofing contractor in their area. These leads are distributed to our member contractor base through MetalRoofing.com

Since the launch in January 2015, MRA’s Facebook campaign has generated over 303,188 impressions and 7,648 clicks through to the MRA site.    The cost per click (CPC) is coming in around $0.28 per click which is very favorable compared to $0.89 CPC for search remarketing campaigns and over $5/click for buying search terms in Google.  In addition, the MRA’s Facebook fan page now has over 840 followers and growing steadily, providing ongoing opportunities to connect with interested consumers.  You can follow the MRA’s Facebook page here.

MRA will continue to test new channels like these and will shift online marketing resources to the most effective producers. Be on the lookout for another update as the roofing season heats up.