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Metal Roofing Cost vs. Value Improves in South Atlantic Region

The 2015 edition of the Cost vs. Value Report, which compares changes in job costs with Realtors’ perceptions of what those jobs bring to a home’s price at resale, has just been published by Hanley Wood’s Remodeling Magazine.

Cost vs. Value 2015   National   Remodeling

The survey compares the average cost for 36 popular remodeling projects with the value those projects retain at resale in 102 U.S. markets. The national cost vs. value score for Metal Roofing, which is the product ranked as “upscale roofing” in the survey, remained essentially flat in the 2015 report at 62.9%, just 0.1% less than 2014’s score of 63%.

However, in some key regions of the country, such as the South Atlantic, where metal roofing is strong, the cost vs. value ratio rose by as much as 7.6%.

For the full report, including historical data and trends, visit Remodeling Magazine.

Metal Roofing Training Now Offered Online

Proper training is essential for a quality metal roof installation.  Unlike low-cost asphalt shingles, a metal roof is part of an overall roofing system, requiring a higher level of product knowledge in order to install a long-lasting residential metal roof.

Ideal Roofing Install

Educational institutions have long recognized the value of providing self-paced learning, and continue to expand their online offerings to meet student demand.  In fact, according to a recent poll by the Sloan Consortium, 6.7 million students took an online class in 2012.  The growth of online learning is expected to continue to outpace traditional classroom learning.

Noting this on-demand trend, and understanding the industry’s need for flexible ongoing education, the leaders of the Metal Roofing Alliance created and launched the MRA Online University, a one-stop on-demand portal for contractors and manufacturers to learn many aspects of the metal roofing business.  Best of all, it’s included as a benefit for all MRA members-free of charge.

Within the MRA Online University portal, MRA members can easily access a variety of video lessons, study guides and presentations on all aspects of the industry, including installation techniques, product demonstrations, and marketing.

Ideal Roofing Install

There are three individual study tracks in the MRA Online University:  Metal Roofing Installer; Metal Roofing Business and Marketing and Sales. Users can choose whether to access all of the modules, or just one or two.   The MRA has recruited seasoned metal roofing professionals to teach the courses, and share their combined knowledge in each component.

For more information on training for metal roofing contractors, visit the Metal Roofing Alliance.

Photos provided by MRA member Ideal Roofing.