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New Homeowners’ Association Presentation Available for MRA Members

Even though members of the industry know that today’s residential metal roofing is an eco-friendly, durable choice that can fit into any neighborhood, consumers sometimes face opposition when they choose a metal roof for their home.   Outdated homeowners’ association or architectural review committee guidelines prohibit (or do not specifically allow) metal roofs.  In addition, some zoning boards have rules in place to restrict or limit metal roofing.

Once educated about the benefits of Investment Grade Roofing, most governing boards see the error of their ways and make changes to welcome metal roofing.  For example, a homeowner who wanted to install a metal roof in Clarkson Valley, MO was able (along with some help from the MRA)  to defeat a measure that would have required a special permit to install a metal roof.  

Homeowners association presentation

As another benefit for our members, the MRA public relations team has developed a brand new Homeowners’ Association presentation to help address this issue.  Presented in a consumer-friendly format, the content includes an overview of the benefits of residential metal roofing and dispels common myths about the products. The presentation also includes over 40 photos of metal roofing in a wide variety of styles to reinforce the beauty and quality of Investment Grade Roofing.

“We hear about these outdated policies and zoning restrictions from time to time, and have assisted many communities and individuals to defeat or alter potential restrictions,” said Bill Hippard, Executive Director of the Metal Roofing Alliance.  “By providing this new benefit to MRA members, our manufacturers and contractors will have a professional presentation ready to go anytime this issue arises.”

Available in both PowerPoint® and Google Slides® formats, the presentation can be easily customized to feature specific products and projects completed with quality MRA products.  MRA members can download the new Homeowners’ Association presentation by logging in to their MRA dashboards.


Metal Roofs For Tiny (and Large) Houses

You may have heard about the tiny house movement that encourages homeowners to drastically downsize their living space. The concept has been around for years but has recently taken off again thanks to several cable TV shows that showcase tiny house ideas.  Eco-friendly design is a big part of most tiny houses, and metal roofs are becoming a common choice.

tiny house nation

In 2016, the Metal Roofing Alliance and our manufacturers will be working with the hit FYI Network show Tiny House Nation to supply investment grade metal roofing for the featured homes.  The wildly popular show travels across America to show off ingenious small spaces as well as help new families design and construct their very own mini-dream home.

Tiny House Nation is the highest rated show on FYI, with 3 million viewers over two seasons.  The new third season will have 26 episodes and will air on Saturdays 9/8c with repeats and marathons.  It’s important to note that the show’s viewers aren’t just homeowners looking for a tiny house, but also consumers who are looking to renovate or update their traditional-sized home.

Pine Mountain Builders tiny house

“This is a great opportunity for MRA’s manufacturer members to highlight the many benefits of using metal roofing for homes big and small,” states Bill Hippard, executive director of the MRA. “In addition to the on-air and website exposure on FYI Network, our manufacturers can use the project photos and features throughout social media to further promote their products.”

For more information on Tiny House Nation, visit FYI Network.  We’ll be sure to share project photos as they become available in 2016.

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MRA Member Featured on Premiere of Home Free on FOX

McElroy Metal, a longtime member of the Metal Roofing Alliance, recently brought national attention to residential metal roofing when its donation of a new metal roof that was featured on the premiere episode of Fox’s new prime-time home improvement show, Home Free.  Nearly 3 million people tuned in to see the episode, creating more awareness for the benefits of metal roofing.

The before and after pictures show what a difference the metal roof made to the house:

Before - Home Exterior.

Before – Home Exterior.

After - Home Exterior.

After – Home Exterior.

McElroy Metal provided 16” wide Medallion-Lok standing seam roofing panels in Valspar’s Fluropon Ash Gray color.

Hosted by contractor Mike Holmes, Home Free features nine couples who are competing to win a dream home. During each episode, Holmes presents the couples with tasks designed to test and challenge the skills of do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Holmes is with the competitors every step of the way, offering critiques while also sharing his expertise and guidance to help them reach new heights.

The surprise twist is that the home that’s being renovated is awarded to one of the couples each week who thought they were eliminated from the competition.

The first couple was thrilled to be awarded the home they helped to renovate.

U.S. Remodeling Industry is Back & Metal Roofing Continues to Grow In Popularity

Data from a new report, Emerging Trends in the Remodeling Market released by the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, concludes that the remodeling market is almost fully recovered from the downturn the remodeling industry has faced in recent years.  In the aftermath of the Great Recession, the U.S. home improvement and repair industry has faired much better than the broader housing market.  By 2013, the remodeling industry was back near $300 billion and could easily post record-level spending in 2015.

Remodeling Report

With the economy strengthening and house prices recovering, spending on discretionary home improvements- kitchen and bath remodeling, room additions and outside attachments such as porches and decks- rose by almost $6 billion between 2011 and 2013.  Even more significantly, the share of spending on these discretionary projects increased for the first time since before the housing crash.  Several opportunities exist for further growth in the remodeling industry including aging in place retrofits, energy-efficient and other sustainable improvements.

MetalSales metal roof

Even more significantly, the share of spending on these discretionary projects increased for the first time since before the housing crash.  According to the report, several opportunities exist for further growth in the remodeling industry including aging in place retrofits, energy-efficient and other sustainable improvements, re-investment in rental stock and new demand for DIY projects from the burgeoning and diverse millennial generation.

Sustainable home improvement projects such as eco-friendly metal roofing are on the upswing, generating about 30 percent of revenue at full-service remodeling firms.  Around 20 percent of homeowners reporting improvement spending in 2012 or 2013 indicated that at least one of their projects was for energy efficiency purposes.

Contractors looking for an opportunity to grow their business should consider adding metal roofing systems to their portfolio of available services.  “The higher consumer demand for metal roofing systems has resulted in a need for more quality metal roofing contractors,” explains MRA Executive Director Bill Hippard.  “However, it’s critically important that new contractors be trained on how to handle, prepare and properly install metal roofing systems.  All MRA manufacturers offer training and certification programs to assist new installers.”

For more information about becoming an MRA member contractor, or to locate an MRA member manufacturer, visit the MRA website at: http://www.metalroofing.com/