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New Metal Roof Installation Training Certification Program Launches at METALCON

The metal construction industry’s largest international event for metal construction products, technologies and solutions, together with the Metal Construction Association (MCA), announce its new Metal Roof Installation Training at METALCON 2016, scheduled for October 26-28 at the Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore.


Top experts in the metal roofing industry will lead this two-day, eight-hour certification program based on MCA’s recently published Metal Roof Installation Manual.


Participants can experience quality face-time with industry experts and hands-on training in topics including: substrates, safety, sealants, flashings, panel types and connections, tools, fasteners, maintenance and more.  Part of the course offering includes hall entry for all three days and access to the full conference program at METALCON.  The objective is to couple the training program with the opportunity to visit the exhibit floor where participants can see live demonstrations of what they have just learned, while networking with industry experts.

“Many metal roof manufacturers have their own in-house training programs for installers and contractors to become familiar with specific profiled panels, trim, clips and ancillaries,” said Scott Kriner, MCA Technical Director.  “Now with this new Metal Roof Installation Training program, these manufacturers will have access to a pool of qualified individuals trained in key topics related to metal roof installation.  Therefore, their installers and contractors will be prepared to hit the ground running with a basic knowledge gained through the certification program at METALCON.  As a result, manufacturers will be able to create more efficient and tailored in-house training programs.”“For those outside the metal roofing industry, this certification program offers a great opportunity to learn about the industry and experience practical, hands-on training in the topics most roof installers are required to know,” said Kriner.

Upon successful completion of the training program, a qualified individual will be presented with MCA’s Metal Roofing Certificate of Completion.  As an added bonus, opportunities to learn from specific exhibitors will be available on the exhibit floor.

“Learning truly comes to life with MCA’S Metal Roof Installation Training taught live by top industry experts, followed by the experience of the show room floor where participants can touch, see and feel what they’ve just learned, and also network with industry experts,” said Claire Kilcoyne, METALCON Show Director.

The certification program takes place in two phases on Tuesday, Oct 25 and Wednesday, Oct 26.  For more details, please visit www.metalcon.com or call 800.537.7765

Gearing Up for METALCON 2015

This year’s METALCON show in Tampa, Florida will provide the MRA with several opportunities to highlight our market-building program.   Even before the show, we’re reaching out to contractors across the US and specifically in the Florida market via email and direct mail marketing to invite them to visit us in Tampa and even offer them free admittance to the show.  Click here for more information on that program.

Free Admission

We’re working with industry expert Frank Farmer once again to present a two day intensive “Boot Camp” training session for contractors.  This interactive program is designed to help contractors make the most of their marketing dollars and fully utilize the MRA’s wide range contractor benefits.


The MRA will also have a booth on the METALCON show floor where MRA members will be able to meet with show attendees and encourage program participation.

Finally, MRA has been invited to present as part of the METALCON Showcase program, giving us an opportunity to share the MRA story with the show’s attendees and explain why contractors and the industry overall benefits from MRA’s national marketing efforts.

Metalcon 2014: Metal Construction’s Leading Trade Show

Metalcon is the only annual international event offering education and product exhibits focused on the use of metal in construction. Visitors from more than 52 countries come to METALCON each year to learn about the top trends in metal from industry experts.

MRA at Metalcon2014


The Metal Roofing Alliance and its members were well-represented at Metalcon 2014, with educational seminars, demos and trade show booths.  Frank Farmer presented a special MRA “Boot Camp” program to train contractors how to market and sell metal roofing.

Next year’s Metalcon will be held in Tampa, Florida in October.  Save the dates: October 14-16, 2015.


Metal Roofing “Boot Camp” to be Offered at Metalcon 2014

This October, at the 2014 Metalcon industry trade show in Denver, the MRA will launch a new style of contractor training targeted to home improvement exterior contractors, marketing metal roofing contractors and their sales teams.  Metalcon Boot Camp

This 2-day session is a valuable learning opportunity for both MRA members and non-MRA members interested in developing superior in-home selling skills for residential metal roofing.

Presented in a new “Boot Camp” style, the training is scheduled for 8:30 – 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, October 1st and Thursday, October 2nd.

During the six hours of intensive training with highly successful MRA contractor member Frank Farmer, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in the interactive program in various ways, including presentations, role-playing, critiquing simulated selling presentations and more.

Following each session, attendees will be encourage to stay for the trade show each afternoon and visit booths sponsored by MRA member manufacturers and view various types of residential metal roofing materials.

For more details, and to register visit the Metalcon website, or click here for the class registration page.