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Facebook Marketing Tips for Contractors

Still think Facebook is where your kids share videos and like each other’s photos?  Think again.  Facebook is a major player in the marketing world, and the fastest growing audience is much older than you may think.  Consider these stats:

Facebook Users

These numbers show that Facebook is a great place to reach metal roofing’s target market of homeowners.  That’s why you’ll find that the Metal Roofing Alliance has a Facebook Fan Page, as do many of our manufacturer members.  You can find the MRA page here.

Facebook Marketing 101

Ready to get started marketing with Facebook?  Here are a few tips:

  1. Create a Facebook Fan Page for your business.  You’ll need a personal Facebook account if you don’t already have one.  There is no cost for setting up the page.  Facebook does offer advertising options and tools to promote your page (more on that later); however, the basic fan page is free.

    Facebook create a page

  2. Add photos and other content to your page that will appeal to your local audience.  Examples include: photos of recently completed projects, testimonials and homeowner tips.
  3. Like the MRA Facebook page, and share our consumer-friendly content on your page. Here’s an example of a recent post we created for Earth Day that you can easily share.  
    Earth Day Post MRA

  4. Invite your customers to like your Facebook page.  Include the link to your page on every email you send, on your business card and in your brochures.  Every like your Facebook page receives is another person who you can communicate with on a regular basis.
  5. Post regular updates to your page – start with once or twice a week and build your frequency.  Be careful not to go overboard – too many posts, and your page will become annoying to your followers.  

As mentioned above, Facebook does offer advertising opportunities for your page.  They can be quite affordable, and can be very targeted to your local market.  We’ll cover that in an upcoming post on the Metal Roofing Industry blog, so be sure to check back here.

The Metal Roofing Alliance offers many marketing and sales tools for our contractor members.  To learn more about joining the MRA, please contact our Contractor Liaison, Bill Hippard Jr. at  billhippardjr@metalroofing.com .

Why Galvalume® Makes a Great Metal Roof

Metal roofing contractors have a wide variety of metal roofing products to choose from when deciding which lines to carry and install. Industry experts with the Metal Roofing Alliance agree that it’s crucial that contractors choose those products carefully, particularly when installing metal on homes.  In order to grow the residential metal roofing market, the product has to perform well over time – what we call “Investment Grade Roofing.”  

Investment Grade Roofing Logo

No homeowner wants to have a poor quality metal roof protecting their biggest investment.  Unfortunately, the marketplace is full of sub-par metal roofing.So how can you be sure that you’re installing the right product in the residential market?  It all starts with the substrates and coatings on the base steel.  There are a wide variety of metal roofing products available with a variety of coatings.  The two primary choices for coatings are galvanized and Galvalume®.  Learn more about galvanized coatings in our previous post here.  Read on for details about  Galvalume®.

Galvalume mcelroy

Introduced over 40 years ago, Galvalume® is a metallic coating that has extraordinary outdoor corrosion resistance, making it ideal for use in metal roofing.  The coated panels can be readily roll-formed into a variety of panels as well as formed and stamped into tile and shingles.

According to Ken Gieseke, Vice President of Marketing at MRA member McElroy Metal, “The process of galvanizing steel entails applying a coating or molten zinc to raw steel and has literally been practiced for centuries.  Galvalume® substrates utilize a molten alloy of zinc plus aluminum.  The combination of zinc and aluminum create a steel substrate with greater resistance to corrosion and a longer service life.”

Over four decades of testing has shown that Galvalume® delivers superior corrosion resistance.  According to Gieseke, time has proven that Galvalume® steel roofs last longer, require less maintenance, and offer exceptional value.  In fact, the product performs so well that steel mills warranty it against rupture, perforation, or failure due to corrosion.

“Galvalume® sheet is an ideal material for roofing because of its extraordinary outdoor corrosion resistance,” states Dick Bus, President of the MRA and President of ATAS International.  “The MRA has been educating homeowners on the importance of finding contractors that know how to install ‘Investment Grade’ roofing products on their home.  Our website offers a wealth of information about proper installation, quality products and how to find trained contractors who know how to install metal roofing systems.”

Learn more about quality metal roofing on our website, www.MetalRoofing.com.

Hiring Tips for Remodelers

Hiring new staff is a big part of any business.  If you’re a metal roofing company, the crew you select will be interacting with your customers as well as doing the roof installation.  That’s a big responsibility!

Choosing your team

How can you be sure that you’re choosing the right people to join your team?   A new article by Paul Winans in Hanley Wood’s Remodeling Magazine offers some great advice.  Paul’s article, “Look For These Essentials When You Build Your Team” focuses on three attributes: passion, talent and technique.   Check out the full article here.

For more contractor tips and support, consider joining the Metal Roofing Alliance.  In addition to leads and marketing assistance, you’ll have access to a huge library of metal roofing training courses.





Metalcon 2014: Metal Construction’s Leading Trade Show

Metalcon is the only annual international event offering education and product exhibits focused on the use of metal in construction. Visitors from more than 52 countries come to METALCON each year to learn about the top trends in metal from industry experts.

MRA at Metalcon2014


The Metal Roofing Alliance and its members were well-represented at Metalcon 2014, with educational seminars, demos and trade show booths.  Frank Farmer presented a special MRA “Boot Camp” program to train contractors how to market and sell metal roofing.

Next year’s Metalcon will be held in Tampa, Florida in October.  Save the dates: October 14-16, 2015.


Metal Roofing “Boot Camp” to be Offered at Metalcon 2014

This October, at the 2014 Metalcon industry trade show in Denver, the MRA will launch a new style of contractor training targeted to home improvement exterior contractors, marketing metal roofing contractors and their sales teams.  Metalcon Boot Camp

This 2-day session is a valuable learning opportunity for both MRA members and non-MRA members interested in developing superior in-home selling skills for residential metal roofing.

Presented in a new “Boot Camp” style, the training is scheduled for 8:30 – 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, October 1st and Thursday, October 2nd.

During the six hours of intensive training with highly successful MRA contractor member Frank Farmer, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in the interactive program in various ways, including presentations, role-playing, critiquing simulated selling presentations and more.

Following each session, attendees will be encourage to stay for the trade show each afternoon and visit booths sponsored by MRA member manufacturers and view various types of residential metal roofing materials.

For more details, and to register visit the Metalcon website, or click here for the class registration page.