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Facebook Marketing Tips for Contractors

Still think Facebook is where your kids share videos and like each other’s photos?  Think again.  Facebook is a major player in the marketing world, and the fastest growing audience is much older than you may think.  Consider these stats:

Facebook Users

These numbers show that Facebook is a great place to reach metal roofing’s target market of homeowners.  That’s why you’ll find that the Metal Roofing Alliance has a Facebook Fan Page, as do many of our manufacturer members.  You can find the MRA page here.

Facebook Marketing 101

Ready to get started marketing with Facebook?  Here are a few tips:

  1. Create a Facebook Fan Page for your business.  You’ll need a personal Facebook account if you don’t already have one.  There is no cost for setting up the page.  Facebook does offer advertising options and tools to promote your page (more on that later); however, the basic fan page is free.

    Facebook create a page

  2. Add photos and other content to your page that will appeal to your local audience.  Examples include: photos of recently completed projects, testimonials and homeowner tips.
  3. Like the MRA Facebook page, and share our consumer-friendly content on your page. Here’s an example of a recent post we created for Earth Day that you can easily share.  
    Earth Day Post MRA

  4. Invite your customers to like your Facebook page.  Include the link to your page on every email you send, on your business card and in your brochures.  Every like your Facebook page receives is another person who you can communicate with on a regular basis.
  5. Post regular updates to your page – start with once or twice a week and build your frequency.  Be careful not to go overboard – too many posts, and your page will become annoying to your followers.  

As mentioned above, Facebook does offer advertising opportunities for your page.  They can be quite affordable, and can be very targeted to your local market.  We’ll cover that in an upcoming post on the Metal Roofing Industry blog, so be sure to check back here.

The Metal Roofing Alliance offers many marketing and sales tools for our contractor members.  To learn more about joining the MRA, please contact our Contractor Liaison, Bill Hippard Jr. at  billhippardjr@metalroofing.com .

Making the Most of the $500 Tax Credit for Metal Roofs

The new $500 Tax credit for metal roofing installations creates a great opportunity for contractors to increase metal roofing sales in 2016.  To help contractors to take advantage of this new program, the MRA recently launched several new members-only tools on our website.  Here are some tips for how to use these tools and the tax credit to boost sales:

  • Grab the free tax credit graphics MRA has developed for you.  You’ll find them when you log in to your MRA contractor dashboard.  Here’s a sample:

$500 Tax Credit

  • Use the free graphics to create posts for your company Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media accounts.
  • Update your company’s website to highlight the tax credit. You can use the same MRA graphic, or create your own.  You can also provide links to the Manufacturer Information Sheets that your customers will need when filing  their taxes.
  • Download the free Tax Credit template press release from the MRA dashboard.  Customize it with your business name and contact information.  Then, send it to your local media outlets for some free publicity.  You’ll want to send it to editors of the real estate or home sections of local newspapers and magazines.  You can also submit the release to local news services such as Patch.com.
  • Plan an email campaign to your customer prospect list to promote the tax credit.  Based on the response to previous tax credit offers, we know that this is a compelling reason for homeowners to install a metal roof.  Be sure to include the MRA logo in all of your communications efforts to show your commitment to only providing Investment Grade Roofing.

Investment Grade Roofing Logo

Need more details about the tax credit?  Check out our earlier tax credit post here on the blog, or visit the Tax Credit section of the Metal Roofing Alliance website. You’ll find all the details you need!


New Tax Credit for Metal Roofing: Member UPDATE

As reported at the recent MRA annual meeting, the U.S. government approved a $500 tax credit for qualifying metal roofs installed in 2015 and 2016.  

$500 Tax Credit


This provides a new marketing opportunity for the metal roofing industry, as this is the first time in several years that the tax credit isn’t just retroactive, but is guaranteed for the current year.  Here are the key details for the tax credit:

  • Metal roof must be placed on a homeowner’s principal residence.

  • Tax Credit is for 10% of the cost of the roof, excluding labor, with a maximum deduction of $500.

  • Metal roofs with appropriate pigmented coatings that also meet ENERGY STAR requirements are eligible.  Visit Energy Star site for more information.

  • Only highly reflective roofs will qualify – the IRS defines this as “appropriately pigmented coating that is specifically and primarily designed to reduce the heat gain of the dwelling unit.”

  • This tax credit is for remodeling projects only, not new construction.

  • Homeowners will need a Manufacturer Certification Statement to file with IRS Tax form 5695.

  • 2015 and 2016 installations are eligible for the deduction.

Bill Croucher, Director of Engineering for MRA member manufacturer Fabral, explains, “It’s important for members of the metal roofing industry to know that bare metal, including either unpainted or clear acrylic coated Galvalume do not qualify for the 2015/2016 tax credit.  Unpainted metal has a very low emissivity value and even though it meets the reflectivity requirements for the Energy Star program, the solar energy that is not reflected is held in the metal much longer than painted material with a high emissivity.”

MRA’s public relations team presented communications recommendations at the MRA annual meeting, and will be working with our members to execute a comprehensive marketing plan throughout the year.  

Hiring Tips for Remodelers

Hiring new staff is a big part of any business.  If you’re a metal roofing company, the crew you select will be interacting with your customers as well as doing the roof installation.  That’s a big responsibility!

Choosing your team

How can you be sure that you’re choosing the right people to join your team?   A new article by Paul Winans in Hanley Wood’s Remodeling Magazine offers some great advice.  Paul’s article, “Look For These Essentials When You Build Your Team” focuses on three attributes: passion, talent and technique.   Check out the full article here.

For more contractor tips and support, consider joining the Metal Roofing Alliance.  In addition to leads and marketing assistance, you’ll have access to a huge library of metal roofing training courses.





Reminder: Home Improvement Shoppers Prefer Local

A recent survey conducted by Yodle on behalf of Remodeling Magazine showed something that every contractor needs to remember, especially in the slow times.  “Yodle Insights: What Consumers Want from Local Businesses” found that local home repair firms accounted for 56% of this sector’s business over the last 12 months and 48% of consumers plan to use local home repair firms more often over the next year.


Metal roofing contractors can use this local advantage when marketing their services.  Focus on your ties to the community, and commitment to serving local families as a unique benefit.

Here’s why consumers like local businesses:


For more information, check out the article at Remodeling.com.