Tax Credit Marketing Resources for MRA members

The new $500 Tax credit for metal roofing installations creates a great opportunity to expand metal’s residential market share.  And that’s what the Metal Roofing Alliance is all about!  To help our members to take advantage of this new program, the MRA recently launched several new tools on our website.  

Tax Credit

The biggest change you’ll notice is that the tax credit message is prominently featured on the MRA’s website homepage.  We want all the homeowners who visit our site to immediately see this information, and encourage our members to make similar changes to their residential websites.  To make that easier, we’ve created a graphic for use by MRA member manufacturers and contractors.   You can find several sizes of the graphic below by logging into your member dashboard.  

$500 Tax Credit

Feel free to download and use this graphic on your website, printed materials and in social media efforts.  It’s important that we continue to focus on the quality, investment grade roofing message, and this graphic does just that.

The MRA website has a tax credit section that we’ll be directing homeowners to visit to find all the information they need about the program.  It includes links to MRA members’ Manufacturer Certification Statements.  Our web team will keep this list up to date as new statements are posted.  Please email with any new links.

The MRA’s public relations team has  created a template press release about the tax credit that our members can customize and use to promote the tax credit.  It includes a space to include product-specific information as well as your contact details.  Feel free to share it with your MRA member contractors, too.  You’ll find the Word and Google Doc versions of the release on your member dashboard.

Any questions about how to make the most of the $500 tax credit?  Contact the MRA public relations team (jean@metalroofing or marybeth@metalroofing)– they’re heading up our tax credit communications effort.