Campaign Success: Five Signs You Need a New Roof

Our public relations team continues to create content that is relevant and utilized by both online and traditional media outlets.  A recent public relations campaign included a list of “Top Five Signs You May Need a New Roof.”   This content was targeted to consumers who may at the very beginning of their roofing decision-making process.  Our goal was to put metal roofing in their consideration set before a homeowner was even sure if they needed a new roof.

Bill Hippard, MRA’s executive director was quoted in the story that was picked up by media outlets including the Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune, the Philadelphia Inquirer and the online sites for numerous television outlets, too.

We’re happy to report that this metal roofing story has appeared in over 200 publications to date, and more are added each day.  This single story, including a link to the MRA website, has also delivered over 115 million impressions! 

1-Miami Herald5 Signs You May Need a New Roof

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Several of MRA’s consumer research studies show that many homeowners are still resistant to the idea of metal roofing, thinking that they won’t fit into their neighborhood, or will be loud during a rain storm.  Therefore, our public relations team focuses on consumer education campaigns to dispel these myths.

Articles such as these help to create awareness of metal roofing among our homeowner target audience.  So, when a consumer reads an article that positively portrays the MRA or metal roofing in general, that homeowner is more likely to be open to the idea of metal roofing when it comes time to choose a roof for their home.

This ongoing national public relations campaign is a critical component of the Metal Roofing Alliance’s overall marketing campaign, generating millions of earned media impressions each year, helping to make every metal roof sale a little bit easier.