Free Roofing Book Available for Use by MRA Contractors

In our ongoing effort to promote residential metal roofing, the Metal Roofing Alliance has just released a new home improvement book titled “Above All You Need a Great Roof.”

Metal Roofing Book

Written by construction industry experts Jim Cory and Dave Yoho, the book is designed as a homeowner’s guide to choosing a new roof.  Written in a consumer-friendly format, this new book walks a homeowner through the entire process of replacing their roof, including identifying the need for a roof, choosing a quality installer, and general comparisons of various roofing systems.

As a project sponsored by the Metal Roofing Alliance, of course, metal roofing is highlighted throughout the book, including discussion of the investment grade benefits of a metal roof.  Although designed to help homeowners to understand the value of metal roofing, the book also has terrific potential for contractors.

Contractor members of the Metal Roofing Alliance can download a free electronic PDF version of the book through their online member dashboard for use in local marketing efforts.  Once downloaded, the PDF can be used on a contractor’s business website to generate leads or sent to potential customers via email.   MRA members can also purchase discounted printed copies of the book to distribute.

For more information, or advice on using the PDF or printed book, please contact MRA’s contractor relations team at (314)399-1951.

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